Liquid Protocol is an instant liquidity framework which allows for instant interconversion between crypto tokens and fiat currencies. It attempts to make token-based shares and dividends easier to spend by intelligently connecting to exchanges, and using confirmation-less verification to dispense fiat in exchange of Ethereum, NEO or similar tokens. This will allow for instant (less than 30 seconds) transaction times. Therefore, the Liquid Framework can be used alongside crypto debit card options like Wirex to avoid pre conversion of crypto to fiat.
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What Liquid Does

At Liquid protocol, we are creating an instant liquidity framework that utilizes smart contracts along with crypto exchanges to exchange any blockchain token for fiat under 30 seconds. This means that customers will now be able to liquidate their token based wealth conveniently and safely without any of the hassles described earlier.

Liquid is on a mission to:
  • Provide support for crypto tokens issued on Ethereum and other platforms.
  • Allow for instant exchange of such tokens into fiat currencies.
  • Connect seamlessly to existing cryptocurrency card solutions, using an API based system.
  • Partner with new ICOs to ensure that their tokens are easily liquid-able using the liquid platform.
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How Liquid Works

Liquid comprises of two mechanisms
The Exchange Mechanism manages communication with centralised and decentralised exchanges. This includes accepting API inputs containing information regarding the token the user wishes to liquidate, searching for the best price on exchanges, calculating any intermittent fees, predicting price fluctuations and delivering a JSON response with a quote. Within 1 second.
The biggest challenge faced by cryptocurrencies is their slow transfer times. Therefore, for an instant conversion, Liquid dispenses the fiat amount before the actual exchange takes place. Liquid boasts a flat 20 second conversion time, for all crypto currencies. This includes Bitcoin, which typically takes hours to confirm.

Why Liquid is Different

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Read our executive summary, problem statement, working mechanism and much more at our blog.
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Meet the team behind Liquid Protocol
Aman Ladia
Aman Ladia


Serial Tech Entrepreneur, Aman has been actively researching and developing Blockchain Technology for the past 3 years

Kobhi Nanthakumar
Kobhi Nanthakumar


Over 18 years of experience in security and software development. Involved in several crypto projects include Sphynx and BRED.

Jag Basrai
Jag Basrai


Entrepreneur in Tech and Blockchain Space | Techstars Colliers Proptech Accelerator (Toronto 2019) | blockchain consultant.

Clive Lobo
Clive Lobo


Partner at Christian Zack LP, Harvard Alumnus and Investor in multiple blockchain projects.

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